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"We are a family run business specialising in a choice of individually handcrafted modern styled houses for the discerning collector.  Built in 1/12th scale, each house is lovingly handmade to order, with every detail reproduced to the highest standard."

Leanne Bartlett

Creative Director and Owner of the Contemporary Home in Miniature



Choose from the following designs:-




A three roomed townhouse with open plan living area, bedroom with en-suite bathroom and a spectacular sun room and roof terrace. 670mm high x 390mm wide x 400mm deep.  (These houses are handmade, so all sizes are approximate). 


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waters edge exterior



A three roomed house with funky kitchen extension, living room and bedroom with en-suite shower room.  610mm high x 648mm wide x 431mm deep.  (These houses are handmade, so all sizes are approximate).


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front exterior



An innovative house with balcony and a flexible floor layout.  The main living area can be positioned on the ground floor with bedrooms on the first floor or in reverse, with the bedrooms on the ground floor and the main living area situated on the first floor.775mm wide x 600mm high x 495mm deep.  (These houses are handmade, so all sizes are approximate).


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Solent Reach



The ultimate designer abode.  With six rooms to furnish, including a fantastic double height entrance hall with 'glass' roof, 'glass' panelled walls and a split level kitchen and breakfast room.  620mm high x 950mm wide x 560mm deep.  (These houses are handmade, so all sizes are approximate).


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 spinnaker court exterior                 


Two homes in one space-saving footprint.  With two separate duplex apartments to furnish, there is a chance to really let your imagination take flight. A cantelever roof and offset balconies as well as sliding internal walls, give this duplex a real designer look. 960mm high x 760mm wide x 510mm deep. (These houses are handmade, so all sizes are approximate).


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You have a chance to own your very own "Grand Design" in miniature, to decorate and furnish in a fashion different to anything you have done before.  Let your creative side run wild with colours and textures and statement furniture. The only limit is your imagination! 

Each house comes built and fully decorated externally with a choice of colours and finishes.  Inside is a freshly painted plain white interior with a choice of flooring.  Your house will be channelled ready to accept the lighting of your choice. 


Delivery charges will be calculated according to dispatch method, distance and weight


The interior pictures are shown for illustration purposes only.       


We have had enquiries recently from customers wishing to purchase our houses as toys.  Please remember these are 1/12th scale architectural models intended for adult model collectors.  They are not designed as toys and are therefore not suitable for children to play with.