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The Spinnaker Court

Two homes in one innovative, space-saving footprint.  With two separate duplex apartments to furnish, there is a chance to really let your imagination take flight. A cantelever roof and offset balconies as well as sliding internal walls, give this duplex a real designer look. 960mm high x 760mm wide x 510mm deep.

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 spinnaker court exterior   spinnaker court exterior side lit    spinnaker court staircase   
spinnaker court full lit interiorspinnaker court lower flat interiorspinnaker court top flat interior 
spinnaker court bedroomlit 2spinnake court staircasespinnaker court kitchen 
spinnaker court foyerspinnaker court bedroom litspinnaker court lounge black 

                                                                              Please note that all houses are supplied                                                            UNFURNISHED and WITHOUT LIGHTS

The interior photographs are shown for information purposes only.